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SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) is the largest individual membership organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil, gas and energy industry. With its central location on the west coast of Norway, close to the large offshore fields on the Norwegian continental shelf, Bergen is a central hub for the oil and gas industry. Some major operators have active offices here, in addition to offshore logistics bases, as well as a large collection of contractors and oil service companies. SPE's mission and vision is to disseminate knowledge and establish networks within the industry.

Member Meetings: During the 2022/2023 season, SPE Bergen Section will organize monthly member meetings with professional lecturers in exploration drilling, production drilling, field development, geology, reservoirs and renewable energy. The speakers will come from SPE's own Distinguished Lectures program, and  from local, national and international actors within the energy sector or from academia.

Events: In 2021, the name and format of the traditional lutefisk dinner was changed to include a half-day seminar. The new LUTEFISK&ENERGY was an unconditional success, and SPE Bergen Section will of course organize LUTEFISK&ENERGY this year as well. Also new last season was the SPE Bergen Section GARDEN PARTY. This is a replacement for the traditional sailing with tall ship Statsraad Lemkuhl, as the ship will be unavailable for a while.

In addition to the professional content of SPE Bergen Section's events, we think it is important that all companies and their employees in the energy sector have a meeting place for experience transfer and socialization. For many in the industry, SPE’s members evenings and events are exactly such arenas.

SPE Bergen Section's area of ​​focus this season is to revitalize the Young Professional branch. This will enable the young people to have their own arena for networking and flow of knowledge. In addition, SPE Bergen Section sponsors the SPE Bergen Student Chapter. The students have their own delegates represented on SPE Bergen Section's board.

The volunteer efforts from the SPE Bergen Section’s members and board members and from the students is not sufficient to run the SPE activities alone.  SPE Bergen Section is totally dependent on income from our sponsors. Without them, it will be impossible for SPE Bergen Section to keep up a healthy level of activities. We are convinced that SPE Bergen Section is adding value to employees and companies within the energy sector in the greater Bergen area.

Contact persons in SPE Bergen Section:  
Kristian Eggum Johnsen,

Amalie R. Ellingsen,

Jørn Opsahl,


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