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TechNight - SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program with Holger Thern

SPE Bergen Section would like to invite you to the TechNight and dinner. Dinner is included only for participants who register online in advance.

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TechNight  - SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program with Holger Thern
TechNight  - SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program with Holger Thern

Time & Place

17. sep. 2018, 18:30

Nøsteboden, Nøstegaten 32, 5010 Bergen, Norge

About the Event

An Extra 45 Minutes Can Provide a World of Knowledge

SPE Bergen Section would like to invite you to the TechNight with SPE Distinguished Lecturer at Nøsteboden! This is a great chance for you to keep yourself updated on latest technologies in the market and to meet your industry colleagues during the dinner after the presentations.

1. Distinguished Lecture Holger Thern: NMR Logging While Drilling – From Concept to Reality

The lecture covers a timespan of approximately 20 years, from the early concepts for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging while drilling (LWD) tools to their current application in the petroleum industry. After briefly introducing the NMR measurement and reviewing the historic evolution of the technology, the presentation focuses on case histories that illustrate the benefits but also limitations of today’s NMR LWD technology.

NMR logging measurements capture rock and fluid properties. Best known is the lithology-independent total porosity that complements or replaces porosity data from radioactive logging services. A unique NMR feature is the separation of bound and movable fluids. The NMR T 2 distribution is used for estimating rock properties such as permeability, pore sizes, and shale content. Furthermore, NMR can yield an estimate of the saturation and the viscosity of the hydrocarbon within the sensitive volume of the tool.

A variety of NMR-only and integrated approaches (including core and surface logging data) were developed and introduced over the past years. Reservoir characterization applications while or shortly after drilling are available for various fluid types (e.g., gas and heavy oil reservoirs) as well as for various rock types (e.g., complex mineralogy). Promising fields for extended usage of NMR LWD include full petrophysical evaluation without radioactive sources and field development decisions based on real-time NMR data.

The main goal of the presentation is to communicate the manifold contributions of NMR LWD to reservoir characterization and its capability to support drilling and completion decisions in the early drilling process.


Holger Thern is a Technical Lead for NMR research at the Celle Technology Center at Baker Hughes, a GE company, in Germany. In this role, Holger aims to connect research activities to the needs of the petroleum industry for the development of NMR logging services and integrated reservoir solutions. In 1998 Holger joined Western Atlas’ research department in Houston, Texas, focusing on data interpretation and technical support for NMR wireline logging applications.

In 2000, he became part of the NMR logging while drilling (LWD) development team for Baker Hughes INTEQ in Celle, Germany. During the past 18 years he held different positions in NMR product development and geoscience research teams. In addition, he was active in numerous NMR LWD job support activities, many with direct customer collaboration around the world.

Holger earned a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Constance and a M.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of Cologne. He has authored and co-authored more than one dozen patents and two dozen technical publications.

Become part of the steadily growing number of participants at SPE Bergen's tech nights!

Take part in the professional discussions and meet people within your industry. There will be dinner served at the hotel's restaurant after the presentations!


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    TechNight and dinner ticket for the TechNight on the 1st of February.

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    Payment with credit/debit card upon arrival. The registration is binding and to avoid fees please cancel at least 24 hours before the event.

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