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TechNight - Drilling & Evaluation

SPE Bergen Section would like to invite you to the TechNight and dinner. Please note a changed location! Dinner is included only for participants who register online in advance.

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TechNight  - Drilling & Evaluation
TechNight  - Drilling & Evaluation

Time & Place

01. feb. 2018, 18:30 – 22:00

Nøsteboden, Nøstegaten 32, 5010 Bergen, Norge

About the Event

An Extra 45 Minutes Can Provide a World of Knowledge

SPE Bergen Section would like to invite you to the first TechNight in 2018 at Nøsteboden! This is a great chance for you to keep yourself updated on latest technologies in the market and to meet your industry colleagues during the dinner after the presentations.

1. Nils-Birger Selheim, Reservoir Navigation Service Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE company - ''Geosteering and Mapping of Complex Reservoir Boundaries using an Integrated Data Approach.'' SPE-187136-MS

Most production wells currently drilled in the North Sea are in complex geological settings. In order to place the wells safely and effectively, drilling a successful production well requires an advanced technology and integrated proactive reservoir navigation approach, in addition to multiple data driven answer products from downhole tools.

Extra deep azimuthal resistivity logging while drilling (LWD) tools can detect boundaries up to 30 m away from the wellbore given optimal resistivity conditions. Combined with multicomponent inversion modelling (MCWD), the data acquired are used to map multiple boundaries, individual sand bodies, reservoir thicknesses, and lateral reservoir changes.

Borehole images aid in geosteering and are used to steer up or down based on structural boundaries identified on the image. Using wired pipe technology that provides telemetry rates good enough for memory-resolution data, the full resolution electrical image is available while drilling. Despite complex reservoir geometry in both external boundaries and internal sedimentary structure, it was possible to successfully geosteer by using an integrated geosteering approach. Through MCWD inversion, it was possible to track a thin, highly resistive layer at the roof for much of the reservoir, which allowedfor proactive geosteering, optimizing wellbore placement and mapping of reservoir volumes.

2. Sanna Zainoune, Project Manager for Total and Statoil WDP deployments, NOV - ''Wired Drill Pipe and Along-String Measurements''

Along-string measurements and wired drill pipe (WDP) technology have been implemented on different exploration and development campaigns in the Norwegian North Sea with positive results.

The measurement subs along the string measure temperature, annular/internal pressure, rotation & vibrations. Data is transmitted to surface at high speed through wired drill pipe, and is available in real-time, even when flow is off. Annular pressure and vibrations measured along the string provide a better understanding of the fluid behaviour across the wellbore.

The high-speed telemetry system made it possible to achieve impressive operational and performance benefits. Wired drill pipe raised the rate of penetration (ROP) limit by removing constraints on data acquisition while still providing the confidence that the hole was being cleaned while drilling. The real-time flow-off annular pressure readings along the string provided great insight during critical events such as losses and pack-offs.

Drilling vibrations are potentially very damaging and can cause early drill bit or BHA failure. The along-string sensors helped in understanding those dysfunctions in real time by displaying high frequency dynamics data and downhole torque. Severity levels were displayed in a user-friendly way to enable easy decision making, based on the continuous measurements.

Those measurements are displayed in real-time, both at the rig site and in remote operations centres. All parties have access to the same dataset in real-time, which proves essential in the optimization of the drilling process.

Using actual measurements from not only the BHA but from the entire drill string is expected to be key in developing drilling automation.

Become part of the steadily growing number of participants at SPE Bergen's tech nights!

Take part in the professional discussions and meet people within your industry. There will be dinner served at the hotel's restaurant after the presentations!


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